About Us

Welcome to Happy Hacker, we are a family business in the heart of Pewsey Vale in Wiltshire. Happy Hacker is here to help all horse and pony owners, look after their four legged friends.

The aim for our customer's is to source products of good quality which are competitively priced.

Shaggy & Scooby - Security
Security is taken care of by our, two much loved black labs Scooby & Shaggy. Security is not high on their agenda, ball games, food and females feature very highly, no change there then for two red blooded males.

Danny the goose - Head of Operations
Head of operations is Danny the goose, who welcomes everybody personally with a peck on each cheek if you know what I mean! Mum's cake and coffee placates most visitors even if they can no longer sit down to eat or drink it!

Chickens - Waste Disposal

Food waste disposal, is taken care of by Tinsel, Scratch, Shadow, Freckles, Rainbow and Smokey our six chickens. The mush pot, as our boys calls it, attracts our food waste and the girls do a wonderful job of converting it into daily eggs.

Ducks - The Patrol
I don't know why, certainly not looks, but probably for their wonderful eggs in spring and summer. We have five Muscovey ducks. The team is headed up by Plum, the male with striking blue eyes and consists of Waddle, Flake, Crispy and Acorn his loyal harem. 'Role on spring and fluffy scrambled eggs'.

Alpacas - Overseas Division
Now for the exotic, Aztec and Tosca our dark eyed long lashed alpacas who are so cute. These boys think they are a cut above the rest and lord it over the others. They find the husbandry tasks we have to perform tiresome. They have a manicure at least three times a year! They do have a job to perform and do a great job grazing, in the horse and pony paddocks.

Our Horses- Distribution

Our horses consist of Rosie our 15.2 hh Conemara Warmblood Cross. She's always up to mischief and likes her food and cuddles. Also our new pony Summer a 13.2 hh Skewbald Cob