Here are just a few of our friends who we like using and thought you might too!

Aqueos Care: Alchol free disinfectants for horses, dogs and chickens. This is Happy Hacker's sister company so definitely recommend. Products include stable & kennel disinfectants, tack cleaners, shampoo and hand sanitisers. The disinfectant is gentle yet kills bacteria, fungi & viruses (including Strangles, Ringworm and Parvo Virus). The canine disinfectant will even deodorise fox and badger smells. Vist at

Regal Equine: With a wealth of experience covering all aspects of the horse world the Regal Equine Consultancy are the only team you need to cover all of your equestrian requirements. From providing Olympic level horses and instructors, to helping you plan the daily management of the yard, to building and designing a new stable complex, our team of highly regarded experts will come to your centre and help you achieve the very best results and care for you and your horses. Visit at

Honeys Real Dog Food: Honey’s is a small, ethical, family-run working dog food company. They believe that working dogs should eat the same sort of diet that they would enjoy if they lived in the wild.